Can Cats Eat Dog Food?

Can Cats Eat Dog Food

If you have a cat and dog in the same place at home, that will bring a lot of issues. Sometimes, they will chase each other at home. Of course, that will make your home messier than before. They will also snatch their meals with each other. Of course, this is an essential matter because dog food is made for the dogs, and the competitions are different from cats’ food. Cat and dog food made from different formulations, and also they have different ingredients too. The dog food is designed especially for the dog, and that depends on their health, breed, size, or age.

What Is the Different Between Cats and Dogs Food?

In general, dog food contained several beta carotene concentrations. Beta carotene is essential for canine development. The dog food also contains higher vitamin, fat, protein being lower than cat food. The cat food is made from ingredients that rich in protein or obese, and also they need a little fiber. In other condition, cats need more of amino acids, taurine that can find raw food or meat. Taurine is required to increase the health of the cat.

But, in dog food, you cannot find much taurine. Why does the food factory not provide the content? Because it can bring your cat in serious effect like heart problem, deafness, and also blindness. Another result when your cat is eating dog food is about malnutrition. That food will make the cat have a poor posture, lousy coat condition, infertility, lethargy, and the most dangerous is death. We must beware of that effect if you want to have a healthy pet. So, you cannot let cats eat dog food for any reason.

In the other hand, dog food contained arachidonic acid. Actually, it can make them healthy because of the nutritious ingredients. Mainly when the dog eats it every day. But, what about the cat when they eat it? You will not see a good result when you try this. So, even when your cat’s foods can is empty, you cannot fill it with the dog’s.

Alternative Foods That Can Replace Cats Food

A cat can eat dog food while they have a sound digestive system. You must provide dog food with lower fat, but for cats, it has to be fattier. If your cat has some hobbies to eat dog’s diet, don’t make them enjoy that hobby. Many kinds of foods can you choose rather than a dog’s diet. This is some foods that you can opt for a variety of cat foods.


As you see in a cartoon “Tom And Jerry,” fish is an excellent food to cats. Naturally, the cat eats fish in their habits. So, when you give fish that have a delicious smell, they will get rid of the dog’s food. What about a cat that always eats a cat’s diet since it was born? Of course, it will be a little hard. But you will do everything to make sure that your pet still healthy right? So, just try to attract them with fish.

You can also cook the fish with rice and make it to the rice ball. Will it be tasty, right? This food will be liked by cats. If you have a dog, they can eat it too. Fish is suitable for cats and dogs. So, you can cook one meal for two kinds of animals.


Sausage is also good not only for the cats but also for the dogs. You can cook sausage into hamburgers, hot dogs and other foods. It will be so fun when they eat it and become healthier. Even some cats still eat raw sausage, but it is better for you to cook it before gives it to your pet, because some animal has a sensitive digestive system. So, don’t take the risk.


You can cook meatball with goat meat or cow meat. It is not only healthy but also natural to be prepared. So, you just need to blend it with some garlic, salt, and flour. Just only 10 minutes to make meatball from raw meat. You can put some vegetables like carrots, pepper, lettuce, and many others to make it more nutritious. The cats and dogs will be happy and healthier with a portion of homemade food.

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