Can Dogs Eat Apples? This Is The Answer

Dog eat apple

Can dogs eat apples may be an essential matter of question to answer? Apples are good for human, but it is not always suitable for dogs. Each human food is not still ideal for animals. Thus, we should take more consideration in giving human food for the animal, especially for dogs. Perhaps, many people have already thought that dogs can eat anything. Yes, it is, that’s for several fruits, vegetables, even meats.

Are Apples Good For Dogs?

The answer could be yes or not. As we have already known that apples are good for health and contain much vitamin and mineral. Apples are rich in vitamin A, C, and K. Those vitamins have many benefits for dogs’ bone, as a booster for dogs’ immune, and also can improve the dogs’ skin condition and cure cancer. Apples will avoid bone disease, which can make the dogs’ condition defect for an extended period. The vitamin on apples will give the eyes’ dogs brighter to see and keep the health of its mouth.

Apple For Dog

Don’t worry about taking an apple for your dog. As a pet, the dog also needs food variation every day. You can take slices of apple for a dog in its lunchtime. Don’t give them too much because your dog will suffer from stomach ache. Give the apple just for its snack, not much. One thing you have to know that there is a dog suffered from diabetes. Thus, its consumption of sugar should have a limitation.

Please, don’t give all parts of the apple to your dog. You had better rid of the middle part of the apple, which contains seeds. Seeds are not suggested being eaten by your dog. Seed can poison your dog and yourself. When the seeds are chewed, it released cyanogenic glycosides that can promote cyanide. The cyanide will build up to your dog’s body and cause serious health complication. It also can make your dog dying.

Next suggestion, give the apple in the form of small slices because if your dog swallows too large slices of apple, it becomes a choking hazard. It is because the slices are lodged in the throat. Just, monitor your dog when you feed it with apple.

Apple Good For Dog

Apple good for a dog is absolutely correct. Actually, its goodness is as same as when a human eats an apple. There are a lot of fibers and vitamin that apple’s produce is good for the dog. The two main benefits of apples are:

1. Dietary fiber

It will help your four-legged pet in keeping the body’s condition. Apple helps a lot for the human digestive system, and so it does for your dog. Not only human, but the dog also needs something healthy for assisting the dog in with the digestive problem.

2. Vitamin C

An increase of vitamin C will help the dog’s body protect itself. This is the best vitamin which many fruits have it. The vitamin is well-known with its healthy immune for anyone who eats it, no exception for the dog. Don’t be doubt to give it to your pet. Apple vinegar is also suitable for a dog’s health.

All animal needs vitamin C to protect the body from influenza, cough, and many other diseases that come from viruses. Apple can be an excellent choice to make sure that your pets, especially your dog, can survive from the disease. Not only for preventing, but it is also suitable for the curing process. For a dog that cannot swallow when it has a severe cough of flu, you can make an apple juice that will bring up a good mood. As you know, dogs are moody, and some sweets can help them to cure their sickness like us.

3. Vitamin A

Not only carrot that contains vitamin A, but also apple. Even the portion is less than carrots, but apples can help the animal to have a better sight. Vitamin A is a good thing for the eyes. Even if it’s for the animal too. So, make sure to have some dog meals that contain apple. A fresh apple is good, but you can also make it as chips, cakes, and juices. What does your dog like? Maybe apple pie or apple chips? It will be beneficial to have that kind of snacks. You can make snacks that can be eaten by dog and yourself.

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