Before feeding your lovely canine companion with fresh fruits, veggies, and herbs, it’s essential to know which human foods they can and cannot eat! Take the quiz and discover how well you know, basic dog nutrition!

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A dog is one of the most adorable pets. Seeing its behavior can be a relaxation ways for the owner. In the other hand, having a pet like a dog also gives advantages to protect the house from the strangers or even the thieves. The best way to keep a dog, you must provide much care of this creature with the best treatment, such as ensuring proper nutrition that your dog needed or giving treatment when your dog gets sick.

When we talk about giving nutritious food for the dog, there must be a question such as: can dogs eat carrots? Commonly will be no. Dogs cannot eat carrots. Is that true? Let’s check the information below.

Most people are sometimes feeling confused to give proper food to their pet, they are afraid about the worse effect by giving wrong food. This is also not an exception for dog’s pet. Giving the wrong food to your dog absolutely makes the dog’s health becomes worse. Dry food is not always good at maintaining the dog’s health. Although the wet food is also not that good enough for the dog’ s health, especially tooth health. You must give your dog the best nutrition that is available on nutritious vegetables such as carrots. Carrot is the name of a plant that has an orange color. Carrot is vegetables that are rich in nutrition.

Carrot is an excellent source of vitamin A, beta carotene, a high antioxidant that can prevent cancer, potassium, and fiber. Furthermore, vitamin A can help your dog to increase their vision’s acuity. Another function of carrot is to keep your dog’s bone and teeth.

The question is, can dogs eat raw carrots? The answer is absolute, no. The dog cannot eat fresh carrots because it causes a dangerous effect on dog body and health.

Even though the dog does not have an enzyme that can break cellulose from vegetable’s skin, you still can feed them with a carrot. But, please be aware of the texture. You can prepare the carrot with more various ways as boiling or steaming. You can grind to soften the carrot and mix it with another material on a meal. The raw carrot is not friendly for dogs, thus giving a cooked carrot is the best option for providing nutrition to your dogs.

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