Can You Guess These Gemstones From Just One Image ?

Guess crystals gemstone quiz

Crystals, gemstones, and minerals have been used to heal or enhance physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual balance. The ancients must have somehow known that when worn, the crystals’ energies would interact with the human body’s electromagnetic field. And bring about subtle energy changes.

Take the quiz and discover how well you know, these crystals names!

Royals have worn gemstones throughout history in their crowns Jewelry, thrones, sword, as Rings or as necklaces. Interestingly enough, having a specific crystal in your crown could activate your crown chakra. And having a necklace or your heart chakra could activate your heart chakra.

The same goes for rings, which will stimulate energy flow through your meridians. Or earrings to stimulate reflex points. That kind of makes you wonder if all Jewelry was created to connect different healing stones to different energetic points on the human body.

Also, I have to look a little bit into the history of crystal use in different countries and cultures. Because it fascinates me about how people just knew about this, they just knew so much about themselves, nature, and everything in the universe.

It’s just it’s just as if we somehow lost that knowledge. The ancient Egyptians used crystals for protection and health. And they even buried people with a piece of quartz on their forehead to help them guide them into the afterlife. Dancers wore ruby stones in their belly buttons to enhance their sexuality. And wearing a necklace over your heart was also intended to bring love into one’s life.

Forehead crowns were also worn to stimulate the third eye. Pharaohs carried a zinc cylinder and a copper cylinder, and both filled with quartz to balance energy. It’s the equivalent of in yin-yang today. In ancient Japan, quartz crystal spheres were thought to represent the hearts of dragons, which symbolized wisdom and power. Ancient Greeks brought themselves with crushed hematite before going into battle and thinking that it will make them invincible. Amongst the Romans, crystals were used in medical treatment and to attract desirable things, protect in a battle, and enhance health. In India, the sacred 5000-year-old religious texts discussed the use of crystals in different diseases, mental illnesses and conditions, and specific properties of each crystal.

So with that many benefits of the crystals, nowadays many people start to collect them. You may decide to add a new gem to your collection after you take this dazzling quiz. Let’s go! ( Press the Start Quiz Button above )

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