Increase Attraction and Chemistry using these 12 Goddess Crystals

Goddess Crystals

Here is list for 12 Goddess Crystals to Increase Attraction and Chemistry.

Ametrine Crystals

The first stone is ametrine, which is amethyst and citrine, grown together for spiritual strength with power and true beliefs, and you put it on your third eye while you lay down to calm down. It’s best for your prosperity corner.

Lapis lazuli Crystals

Lapis lazuli, one of my favorite Goddess Crystals ever, is the most potent goddess crystal. It opens your communication for speaking engagements wide open. helps create commanding confidence. the stone also channels the power of the goddess Isis. It’s a stone of communication that can bring truthfulness openness and mental clarity. It’s used to help you say just the right thing at the right time good for answering tough dating questions; it enables you to better understand your partner and communicate more effectively.

Azurite Crystals

This next stone is Azurite,  it’s a beautiful sparkly blue crystals. It helps with the throat chakra and speaking direct truth like if you have trouble talking or words get stuck in your throat, this will help you with your speech.

Chrysocolla Crystals

Chrysocolla, hold this in the high heart area to breathe in, and increase your bliss. It draws off the negative energies of rocky relationships and situations that are continually changing. Chrysocolla provides stability acceptance and high inner strength. It helps bring the love from your heart chakra out through the throat chakra to express more in-depth loving communication.

Amazonite Crystals

Amazonite, it strengthens one at the base or the root chakra and brings out the hoods buzz. So I think of this as like the Amazon stone to become like an Amazon warrior stone increased that confidence and power.

Citrine Crystals

Citrine, which I actually have at home already, but it increases belly strength and powers. It brings in steady cash flow. If you want to make more money, people will listen to you, they’ll believe you. It helps raise the Kundalini energy, so it’s an excellent stone to have around throw it in your prosperity corner for feng shui.

Carnelian Crystals

Carnelian, known as the sexy stone. It’s for sexuality, sensuousness creativity, and it strengthens the female uterus and your ovaries. It assists with increasing pregnancy energy if that’s what you’re looking for. It’s just a super hot hot hot stone. The stone also overcomes lack of desire, it rubs up against your libido. It stimulates the root or the base chakra. It’s actually suggested to go ahead and wear it in the lower chakra area, which I’m not sure how you’re going to do that. If you’re wearing a dress, but you’re wearing pants, you can wear them in your pants pocket props. Put it in your purse, and also you could put it in your man’s pocket. Because it also helps increase male potency basically helps them overcome impotence and just increases blood flow.

Rose quartz Crystals

Rose quartz. This opens you up to continual love. It softens up your femininity just to be very silky smooth and very sweet and very loving. Good crystal, if you’re, you know, slightly bitchy, or maybe in a bad mood, it will help soften you up and increase your sensuality. It’s said to help soften the appearance of wrinkles too and is a considerable Beauty enhancer. It just makes you beautiful.

Black Moonstone

Black moonstone. It’s an awesome crystals stone actually for Pisces, Scorpio, and cancer water signs. Just to help control and subdue emotions that water signs tend to have an excess of.


Ruby is my favorite. It creates super high levels of love, it amps up your passion out of your auric levels and layers. Ruby also helps increase and rev up a sluggish relationship. It actively stimulates the base chakra, increasing vitality and Chi the lifeforce energy throughout the physical body and into the spirit.

Ruby initiates the sensual pleasures in life. It increases desire and sexual energy and may be used to activate the Kundalini. The base chakra wherein a ruby also helps to overcome tiredness or lethargy. It amplifies energy and helps to overcome the feeling of exhaustion. Ruby is the ultimate aphrodisiac and can help you attract new love. It also assists with loving yourself and strengthening your heart chakra and self-esteem. The Ruby symbolized love and passion and used to be the marriage stone in antiquity.

Rhodochrosite Crystals

Rhodochrosite. This is a very sexual stone. It intensifies sex appeal and just makes you super hot. It supposed to strengthen or help your orgasm to new heights, so ladies, this would be a good one to put in your bra here when you’re out on a date or put it in your purse if you’re on out with a man, so it really intensifies sex appeal. Even if some men are watching this, you can put all these under your significant other’s pillow at night or hide it under the bed, it works either way.

Emerald Crystal

The next stone is an emerald, and these are emeralds in their raw form. They’re not the highly polished one for thousands of dollars in the jewelry’s star, but you can actually get them in the raw form for just a few dollars. A lot of these are only three and four dollars. You can put this on your third eye. It’s very intense, sharp. It says vitality power enhancer when you put it on your third eye, so it just basically intensifies the powers of the third eye. They bring good energy. You can use these for good feng shui to increase love romance wealth, money, power and wisdom.

You know there’s just so many things that each crystals does. Each one has its own properties, and you can find the one that jumps out to you.  They say that they have their own little energies. Basically, they’re little living entities, so it kind of brings new credibility and energies and infuses your own energy and in your own aura. Field energy filled in your house, and they can really help bring grounding energy. They can increase wealth, prosperity, and happiness.

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