MUST KNOW, 10 Strange Signs Your Third Eye Is Opening

Third Eye open

Third eye awakening sign

Today we’re going to look at 10 signs that your third eye is awakening or already opened to some level. And the reason we’re going to look at this is, a third eye awakening is about far more than just clairvoyance. It’s about far more than just psychic sight. And third eye opening is actually about opening the subtle sense organ, to perceive in the higher realms of spirit, to access higher divine awareness and intelligence. And coincidentally, it’s also one of the key anchor points for your higher self and soul. To embody through you in the physical.

You experience a sort of tingling sensation or pressure in the area of the third eye

The Number one is, you experience a sort of tingling sensation or pressure in the area of your third eye, which actually extends all the way from the front of your forehead to the back of your head.

So it runs like a tube or a column, and tingling or pressure. A particular something that you feel there is present in everyone, but when you tune in to that pressure and sensation, it has the way of building and increasing. And then move your awareness into the center of that feeling. The center of whatever you feel is sort of density, tingling, sensation, pressure that assists you in the further opening.

It’s not about forcing or straining or trying to create anything there. But it’s about relaxing, allowing yourself to enter into that feeling to further awaken and unlock your clairvoyance.

As your third eye opens, that pressure becomes something you can tune into in an instant, instantly shifting in, tuning into your third eye, and entering into that center.

You see visuals. If you focus, they may disappear.

Number two is that when you do that, or in your regular meditations, you may begin seeing the light, color, movement, geometries. The key here is to not react. Allow what comes up in your meditation, whatever visuals arise to come and to go. When you try to focus in on them, they’ll likely disappear.

So it’s a relaxed state of allowing, that allow those visuals to continue to grow, and this is a critical sign that your third eye is awakening when you start to have those visuals. Another little tip about this I have for you is when many lights come in, let yourself in a relaxed and non-attached way. Focus in on the brightest. So tune into the most shining light in your visual field, allow that light to wash over you. And support you in further opening your subtle inner sense of awareness to the inner planes of spiritual energy, divine presence, and incredible light. And by focusing on the light, it ensures that you are attracting light and positivity and that a certain lightness maintains throughout your third eye-opening experience.

chi Increase , energy that circulates throughout the body

The third sign that your third eye is awakening is an increased chi or life force or divine energy. Which begins circulating through your body and through your entire being. The third eye acts as a sort of switch for your subtle energy bodies. So when you activate it, that switch is opened to allow the stream of divine life force energy to flow through you.

So your third eye awakening equates to being able to hold and vibrate with more divine light. That can float any blockages in your fields, and has a way of resolving many emotional or physical burdens or blockages or distortions, by merely activating the switch and allowing more divine light to flow through.

This switch activates your ability to receive higher frequencies, higher divine consciousness. That beneficial flow and circulation through your mind’s eye. Along your Ascension pillar, central column, and through your body, organs, and to benefit your entire being.

See a purple background to invite you into the spiritual realm

The fourth sign of your third eye awakening is that in the third eye meditation or in your reflections, you reach an inner state of vastness, space, stillness, and void.

You may perceive this as a sort of diffuse purple backdrop or background. That’s not just in front of you, but that’s all around you, enveloping you and inviting you further into the spiritual realm. When you relax and allow yourself to just be present in this stillness, some people call the insurance to the astral realm, which is an entrance into the kingdom of spirit.

Again, one of the keys here is not to become attached to what you see nor to let visuals come. Let them go. Let your guides come. Let them relay information to you. Don’t hold onto it or grasp it or try to focus. That can cause the whole vision to melt away. Just relax, allow, and observe this fun and an incredible sign of your third eye awakening.

Colors become more vivid in real life

The fifth sign of the third eye-opening is that colors seem to become more vivid and more vibrant in ordinary life. It like there’s new colors you’ve never heard of before that you start seeing around. Additionally, time in nature becomes even more magical. You begin to observe your surroundings through your third eye and through a higher level of divine intelligence. The magic of life, the blessings of the Earth’s energy, and reality are opened and unlocked.

And then as you approach to nature and life with reverence, this just unlocks even more blessings in this positive and beneficial flow. And circulation you tap into through divine awareness, divine knowingness through your open third eye.

Intuition, foresight increases. Access to more divine wisdom

The sixth sign of third eye awakening is that your intuition increases, foresight increases, your gut instinct become right on. Essentially you begin to access more of the divine guidance, intuition, soul wisdom that is available to you.

I do want to clarify here, this is not only about seeing, but it’s also not only about clairvoyance. The third eye is like the master switch for your entire intuitive system. So, awakening your third eye also increases your apparent sentience, your bright feeling, clear Cognizant’s, clear knowing, and telepathy. And other intuitive gifts and psychic abilities.

Presence is key. Awareness is critical. With this and your third eye-opening, it becomes more intuitive and clear knowledge of what could happen in the future

Open to divine intelligence

The seventh sign your third eye is opening is, you begin to open to divine intelligence. Increase a sense of trust, knowledge, and connection to the divine plan. The divine that is interwoven through all of that is. So you may begin to see the sacred geometry template for creation, the underlying script and divine plan, and holy will that’s playing out through everything. Even those things that appear challenging or horrible from the perspective of the ego-mind.

With your third eye open, aware, and turned on. You begin to see from that higher divine vantage does identify with your personal thoughts, with your lower ego mind able to step back and in on-demand by tuning into your third eye awareness to that higher divine perspective. Through this, you’ve linked with more of your divine.

Dreams are more vivid, real, & lucid

Number eight, your dreams and meditation become so vivid, so magical. Dreams may become lucid, or they just may become very vivid and real. As if they were more real than this reality. and through awareness of dreams and meditations and taking time to then process what you’ve experienced in those

States. When you return to ordinary awareness, there’s an incredible amount of healing, guidance, and wisdom that you can access and unlock.

Unlocking of your mind, more expansive, less ego

The ninth, the sign of your third eye awakening is an unlocking of your mind. Your mind becomes more expansive. Your mind becomes much less tied ego and to identify with your thoughts and becomes connected to that divine intelligence to my knowingness. There’s also an acceleration. So that you’re able to receive packed religious thought-forms at the mental level.

This is connected to more of your spiritual gifts, psychic abilities, and spiritual level awareness.

So this doesn’t mean your ego is completely gone. Still, you do become more able to keep your ego in check, observe when your ego is chattering, and step back into that more broad perspective of divine intelligence. To be able to watch the ego and to then act in alignment with divine guidance and inspiration rather than from the perspective of the lower ego-mind.

Opening to a perception beyond duality. Can feel the miracle of one divine source

And finally, the 10th sign of third eye awakening is that you begin opening to a perception beyond duality.

So this is tied into divine intelligence. But it’s different in that you begin to sense and see and feel the underlying oneness, the original divine plan, the miracle, and beauty of one divine source.

One divine intelligence manifests as all sorts of different archetypes. In the physical and spiraling in this high spiral and dance of creation as one and as the all.

 So when your third eyes open, you open to perceive this dance, this spiral, this divine song, pulsing and existing and flowing throughout creation. This opens you up to an incredible sense of perception and ability to drop into love, knowing, being. To access your divine, knowing nets, your divine, and seeing this your divine mind, which you access through fully opening your third eye.

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