What Can Be Done If We Saw Dogs That Howl?

Dog that howl

Howling of dogs is a part of communication. They want to show their existence or interacted with other dogs. The dogs are usually howling when appearing of the full moon. That is a peculiar phenomenon. In general, the dogs howling to telling their location when they have to hunt alone in the forest.

Causes of Dogs That Howl

Dogs will howl when they were alone, but this habit can be contagious to another dog. This several reasons above can answer why do dogs cry!

Feel a Pain

Howl of dog is signing that your dog in bad condition as if injured or it feels sore in their body. If that matter happens in your dog, you must carry the dog to the veterinarian, first. That way can be anticipation if your dog has a severe disease.

Dogs that howl can be a good thing, but sometimes it can be a bad thing too. Especially for the dogs that are so quiet, howling can be a bad thing. Imagine yourself as a human. When you feel unbearable pain. You will make a sound that very unusual. It can be done by a dog too. So, you have to take care of your dogs more when they suddenly howl somehow.

Anxious to Split Up With Their Boss

Desirous of a dog happens when the dog has alone or separated from their boss. They will howl with showed confused expression. Maybe, they will become stress, damaging a thing, or walk up around their boss home.

Giving Invitation to Hunt

Howling in a dog has the sign that they provide other dogs to hunting, meeting, or just for communication. That howl can be used to repel the strangers or calling householder to come out from their home.


Howling of the dog indicates that a dog in the loneliness, so they feel annoying to do activities. They cry to hear their own voice. This is very disturbing, but this behavior is either of their expression. The annoying dog is usually howling to let the excess of energy in their body. Sometimes, this behavior to salve a loneliness sense.

As a moody animal, dogs can feel many kinds of feeling like to get bored. When you see this, you have to make sure that they will be happier in the future. Actually, there are so many simple ways to make a dog feels happy. We can go to the park with the dog and play Frisbee or ball.

Asking For Help

The last reason is asking for help. The dog that pressed with a condition will howl for requesting help. The dog will keep on crying until they get help. Dogs that howl can be a sign for the master to take care of them more and more. Because they can have a grave problem as a smart animal. Just like a human being.

What Is The Solution To Face Up Howling Of Dog?

1. The best way to prevent and to losing this howling habit is by training it to do the right activity than howling.

2. You must give extra care to your dog. Sometimes owner just forgot to give attention to their dog or you just angry when your dog has made a mistake. The dog often to howl or damaging a thing in your home when your attitude ignorant. You must give appreciation when your dog behaves calmly. Give it with attention or extra food or toy for the dog if they can be a good dog without howling,

3. To educate the dog, you must make rules and apply the disciplined attitude to your dog. If your dog still howling, try to ignore their howl until they feel tired. If your dog already to calm, you can give attention to your dog.

4. To teach your dog more discipline, so they are the obedient dog. You must provide instruction to your dog to be quiet. For example, you can knock on the door to make it under control.

5. Make quality time with your dog to show it that their owner is so attentive to her. You can invite it to walk together, play together or stroking It. If you always busy with your activity, try to provide any toys for your dog, so they do not feel alone.

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