Where to buy Crystals? here are some tips

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Where to buy Crystals

This time, I want to address a question that I’m often asked. And that question is, where do you buy crystals? So we are just going to talk about a list of places which can be useful for anyone who’s just about to go crystal shopping.

Buy crystal at online marketplace

One good place to get crystals is online, either on eBay, Etsy, Amazon or on any other online crystal retailer.

The thing that I’m usually doing is when I used to buy crystals online (which was a long time ago); however, I’m sure it still works now.  I would go on eBay and look for crystals that were sold in bulk, rough pieces, raw pieces, natural pieces or mixed pieces. Then I would type in those words on eBay, and then it would bring up a lot of crystals that were sold in bulk, they were rough, they were raw, they were natural, and they were mixed.

So then I would get various kinds of crystals. They were quite chunky, and they were quite reasonable. So mixed rough crystals on eBay or online are a good way to go.

Local gems store, and mineral shows

Another good place to buy crystals which I love very much is at local gems store, and mineral shows that are held in your area. I love this very much because you can be physically present and feel the energies of the crystals and not only that, it’s such a bonus interacting with a crystal vendor.

So the thing you would do is just to Google online, look for gem and mineral shows in your area. If you live in New York City, google “gem, and mineral shows in New York City”, “crystals for sale near me”, “gemstone shop near me” or “crystal stores near me”. And then you might find a shop you can attend, and usually, the prices are just quite good at some of those gem and mineral shows.

You won’t get as big pieces for a low price as you would do online on eBay or Etsy, but you know it’s worth a visit. I highly recommend it, and that is my preferred choice at this time.

Then, of course, another place to look would be at the local crystal stores in your area. If you guys have metaphysical events or metaphysical fairs or psychic fairs in your town, that would be another place to look and even sometimes during some of these random street fairs, and you can find people who sell crystals. So that’s something to keep your eyes open for when you’re out shopping for gemstone because you never really know. Sometimes you can even find them at thrift stores. I have found some very very good crystals at thrift stores so that you can try that as well.

Buy crystal at social media

Another good place to try is on social media. So if you have Facebook or any kind of social media, you should find groups of people who sell crystals, or individuals who want to sell their crystals and things like that.

So if you’re into social media, just look out for those kinds of options because who knows what you might find. You never know sometimes just what might come into your social media feed. It might be the crystal you want. 

I also want to say that sometimes you know it helps to look for crystals, from specific locations.

Maybe you can look for crystals from a specific location. I like Amethyst and Citrine crystals from Brazil., I love gemstones from Madagascar. They just have a different kind of energy to me.

So then you might also try to shop or buy crystals based on the locality or the location that the crystal is from. That’s one other option that you can look at when you’re buying crystals online.

One final thing that I like to consider when I am buying crystals online is, I consider the heart of the person who is selling a crystal online. I truly feel that if a person is so loving and I can feel that vibration from them; I just think sometimes that I’ve got to support this person.

It’s very important to feel the energy of the person who’s selling products. I mean that is just the thing for me. What is the vibration of the frequency of the person who is selling this thing? Is this person a loving person?

Gemstone Altar

I just like to throw my energy. Any kind of energy behind people who have that loving vibration behind them I think it’s so important, don’t you think?

lets Support

I genuinely feel like certain people need to be supported. So if there’s anyone online and their vibration is full of love, and they’re selling something out there, and they’re trying to share their light or bringing these gifts to us, Sometimes I just feel you know let’s support these kinds of people.

So anyway those are some of my answers about where to buy crystals. If there’s anyone here who buys gems from any particular place, and you’ve been really happy with the type of crystals that you got from a particular location, please leave a comment.

Please feel free to leave a comment to assist anyone out there who wants to buy a crystal. You are all so wonderful, and you know crystals need homes. So if you have an answer to where to buy crystals, leave it down in the comments section.

I’ll see you guys next time. Happy Shopping! Bye

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